Beekeepers in the Bluegrass
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The Bluegrass Beekeepers meet monthly throughout the year excluding January and August. The meetings are the second Monday of each month and include an always fabulous potluck starting at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are held at the Fayette County Extension Office in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Originally posted at Punkin’s Patch 

Bees hunker down for the winter and survive in amazingly cold climates.  Around Kentucky, a warm spell in the middle of winter isn’t unheard of though, so I keep a bottle of honey on hand for those days when the temperature reaches 50 degrees and I know Stella’s bees will be out an about.

First one bee will show up, scouting around, basically knocking on my door.  That’s my cue to pour out a little honey.

A second bee shows up.  They go back and tell their sisters and…

…more bees show up.

And what we’ve got here is a full blown bee party!

Bellying up to the bar.

Or gathering around a puddle.

Happy bees.

And never fear, they clean up after themselves quite well.

Every last drip.

And as the sun starts to set and the temperature drops, they all head back home.

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